wrong fuel in your car?

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No Fees if vehicle does not Start

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No Tow-Truck or expensive workshop cost

Petrol in Diesel Car?

Putting petrol in diesel can be dangerous as it may lead to a hazardous accident. Avoid starting the engine of your car and don’t panic. Just give us a call and we will reach your spot in few minutes.

Diesel in Petrol Car?

Misfuelling with diesel in a petrol car is very common today and it will damage your fuel tank and engine. Try to empty your fuel tank filled with wrong fuel as soon as possible otherwise, your car will stop and will not start again.

Adblue in Fuel Tank?

Adblue leads to more danger in your vehicle as compared to petrol and diesel. It is actually a diesel exhaust fuel and not a fuel additive. It may lead to loss of different components and parts of car leading to heavy costing.

Stale Fuel Removal

You must check the sign of fuel staling like engine not getting started of foul smell in the car and let us know immediately so that we can reach your location to assist you with fuel draining. If avoided, it may lead to the breakdown of your vehicle.

We assist any


Wrong Fuel Doctor is an excellent service provider and you can count on us when it comes to fuel draining or mistaken fuel removal. Don’t think twice before calling us as we provide fast service at any location you provide in our service area. We also provide fuel top up and fleet arrangement services.

We can reach your location within a very short time and will drain and change the fuel with the right fuel in your vehicle. By calling us you can save your time, money and effort of going to any mechanical shop for fuel removal.

Fleet Assistance


Wrong Fuel Doctor provides fleet representatives with a special and quick service to ensure that they can provide non-interrupted service to their customers. Our fuel removal service is available 24/7 and our customers’ peace and happiness is our priority.

Why Choose Us?


Our Experience

We have countless years of experience and a great network of clients who trust us and give a call in the hour of need. Our skilled workers are insured and highly experienced.

24/7 Availability

We are available all day and night whenever you are stuck in a problem in any of our service areas, we’re just a call away from you. Contact us anytimes you need our assistance.

Fixed Cost

For every service, we provide we have fixed costs because we provide quality and top-notch service. We do not charge a penny if we fail to start your vehicle.
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