Adblue in Fuel Tank

AdBlue is not a Fuel Additive, it is a type of chemical which is injected into a vehicle exhaust system and used to remove harmful gases from diesel emission and it works on the principle of SCR (selective catalytic reduction) and cannot be added directly to the diesel. Adding Adblue in the diesel tank can cause serious damage to the engine and it may also clog all the small components. There is a separate tank for Adblue in vehicles that run on diesel.

After mixing with diesel, it forms crystals quickly and these crystals will hamper the working of the engine resulting in complete damage to the engine, fuel lines and fuel tanks and your vehicle will eventually stop. It cannot be drained easily because of its crystallisation.

Wrong Fuel Doctor can assist you with this serious problem, we remove the AdBlue from the fuel tank and flush it throughout the fuel system. Using high and updated technology and diagnostics equipment we can easily handle any type of AdBlue contamination and safely fix the issue roadside or at one of our approved workshops if needed.

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