Modern fuel tanks do not come with drain plugs and it is not that easy for a common man to drain the tank on his own. Professional assistance is required to accomplish the task.

Yes, of course. But for that, you need to tow your vehicle to take it there. If your mechanic is loaded with other tasks then he might take few days to get your vehicle ready to drive again.

Our service is transparent because we work under your observation. We provide a complete quote before starting our work and also explain to you the importance of each step we carry out while draining the fuel tank or repairing your vehicle.

We are eminent and well-reputed in solving fuel related problems. Our team is highly experienced and professional as compared to a common mechanic. Our service is time-saving and economical. We are specialised in providing different types of services at any time of day or night. We don’t charge any fee if repair is not done or we are unable to drain fuel from your vehicle.

Putting Petrol into Diesel is a big blunder if you have started driving the car because petrol is a solvent and diesel engine works on the principle of lubrication, petrol will eliminate lubrication and hence there will be friction in internal metallic parts of fuel pump and engine which will lead to heavy damage and lengthy bills. No need to worry if you have realised your mistake before turning on the ignition.


Putting Diesel in a petrol car is not that harmful compared to the above-mentioned case. Diesel will not burn off completely and hence carbon residue will be left behind after combustion. These residues will clog the spark plug and cylinders and hence your car will stop. The engine will not get damaged but you need to get your filters changed if you have turned on the engine.

Sorry, but putting the wrong fuel in your car is not covered in your warranty. Repair bills to correct this can range from $1000 to $10,000 or more. Before calling your dealer, please be very clear with what you are expecting from your dealer and is it in their range to provide it.

 We have experience of decades in fuel draining and fuel top up services so feel free to call us to get the right advice at the right time before it is too late.

Breakdown assistance companies cannot help in misfuelling. They can help you and tow your vehicle to the nearby garage or service centre which will take your time and money as well. You can reach out to us for help/advice in case of misfuelling.
Yes, we can still help you. Just put off your ignition and park your vehicle on the roadside. In maximum cases, our team is able to solve the problem easily. Call us as soon as possible and share your location with us so that we can reach you quickly and check and treat the degree of damage done to your vehicle.
No need to worry, just stay calm and call our team to ask for advice or help. Your car will not stop, just turn off your engine and park aside.

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